Guiyang Smart Flower Planting Co., Ltd. has a greenhouse and flower nursery cultivation base。Since its establishment, it has developed 5 chain stores in Guiyang, Chengdu and Kunming regions。Is a professional engaged in indoor flower greening, leaf plant rental, wholesale, retail, landscaping, garden landscape, rockery stone landscape, maintenance management, planning and design, engineering seedlings, all kinds of grass flowers, grass seeds and lawn maintenance as one of the service enterprises。Company service tenet: "Through our professional and enthusiastic service, make your environment beautify and improve"。Maintain the market with greening, create "good environment" and "good mood" for customers。The company adheres to the concept of "integrity-based" and the service standards of "scale management" and "professional service"。Professional for banks, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, entertainment venues and clubs, shopping malls, office buildings, families and enterprises and institutions to provide leaf plants and flowers rental。At the same time, it also relieves you of the worry of damage and death caused by not understanding the plants, so that your environment will always maintain the beautiful scenery of "good flowers, good life"。

      Service content: design and planning of indoor greening, placement, maintenance and management of ornamental plants, and timely replacement of ornamental plants。Flower leasing is a way of leasing, through the process of placing, maintenance, replacement, etc., to ensure that the customer's business or living environment is always placed in the evergreen, often see often new flowers and plants。