The Hulk

Plant profile
  • Plant Specifications:0.7米
  • Applicable location:Office, conference room, President's office
  • Main functions:Formaldehyde absorption, radiation protection, air purification
  • Aldehyde removal ability:10.48 mg/day/square meter (data from Internet)
Plant introduction
The leaf color is green, and the white flame bud is large and remarkable, standing on the leaf surface, like a raised palm, so it is called white palm;It is also like a white sail riding the wind and waves, so it has the name of "smooth sailing", which is very beautiful and is regarded as the "flower of innocence" in Europe.。Every square meter of plant leaf area can be cleared 1 in 24 hours.09 milligrams of formaldehyde and 3.53 milligrams of ammonia。The green giant plant is one of the most popular indoor foliage plants in Europe and the United States。
Plant display