Annual maintenance plan

  1. Each maintenance staff has maintenance tools。Such as kettle, water bottle, bucket, clean towel scissors and other essential supplies。

  2, the staff must go out on time and regularly for maintenance, and to seriously complete the maintenance work within the specified time。

  Third, the maintenance staff must be aware of and familiar with a variety of plants, and must learn to judge the characteristics of plants and its habits when maintaining them。Control the water quantity。

  Fourth, the maintenance staff must make clear the position and quantity of each plant placed in the unit or company during maintenance。

  Fifth, the maintenance staff must be in the maintenance of the unit or the company must be placed in all locations of the plant inspection, the need to replace the plant to make a record。

  Sixth, the maintenance personnel must be checked in accordance with the maintenance procedure steps, then pruning sassafras leaves, and finally watering。

  7, the maintenance staff should include: yellow leaf dry branches and the garbage in the plant pot and the surrounding environment to keep clean。

  Eight, to ensure that the plant is normal, the maintenance staff must ensure that 1-3 times a week maintenance, so that every position and every point of the unit or company's rented plants even without watering to check once。

  For the normal growth of plants, the maintenance staff must ensure that the water tray is wiped once a month and the leaves are wiped once a week。

  10, ensure the completion of the day's work, to ensure that flowers and plants do not cause damage or death, to ensure normal growth。